James Cutlass

Pirates. Those notorious scum of the sea. Those men who make a living defiling other's majestic ships. Robbing the rich and poor alike. Having no mercy. And taking no prisoners.

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Time Keepers

The First book in the Time Keepers series. Thrilling and action packed, The Rise of Time is sure to keep your interest from beginning to end.

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The Beginner's Guide to Alchemy

A new series following the lives of three young siblings and their adventures with the science of Alchemy.

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What we do

Books. They transport you to different worlds. They inspire you to become ever more creative. They change your philosophy about life. They distract you from difficult times.

Whatever it may be, wherever you find yourself in life; books are and always will be there for you. Here at Hunt's Publishing, books are what we do and specialize in. We are readers and writers alike.

We sell books we know you will love. Books that will take you on a new adventure. Additionally, we review them on our blog, so you can know what books we recommend from a critical standpoint.



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